At that level play something you know!

That's what I've been told. Well ok it was a promo to challenger so... Nah kidding it was on a lvl 17 account and I picked Taric in a normal game. Yes it was my second time with him but all in one 60% kill participation, 23 assists and 2.6 KDA is not that bad isn't it? :p Best part was it was coming from an ADC that refused to go jungle and put our team inside out because we had a Vayne top and Nasus jungle due to that (still works but...) and then proceed to explain in length why I"m a bad player. The nerve on some people. Gotta say big thanks to the rest of my team that did play that game and won it. Does not really matter but shows that good spirit can overcome even the trolliest of low iq people. And looking at his profile seems Riot is right, people that are not total jerks win more, he is at 20% win rate, maybe he should pick something he knows ^_^.
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