Increase of 'undercover' toxicity in League

TL;DR:I just feel like I meet an increacing amount of provoking flamers, who understand how to provoke and flame within the system without being detected if reported. How is your Experience with this recently? Hey guys, I recently had a game, where I was constantly getting harassed for playing Malphite AP, even though I was doing fine and was even carrying the teamfights later in the game. The jungle and adc kept blaming me and flaming me all game, after I muted them, they kept spampinging my Items, so I had to mute their pings too. Sadly I let myself get into a discussion after the game, where I said to the guy, that he was (using his words) hardstuck gold garbage himself. I told him to 'stfu, maybe if you didn't suck in jungle, you wouldn't have to blame your laners all game long' in the game, which resulted in me getting a 10 game chat restriction. I of course reported the players after the game myself, but didn't get any instant feedback, and after this incident, I really noticed how rarely the instant feedback has popped up recently even when I reported a player who was really toxic over the whole game. I just get the feeling that low-key toxicity from people exactly knowing what they can get banned for and what not within this more and more automated system is getting worse and worse. I think we all experience people flaming for minor stuff that would happen every other day (an itembuild they don't like, 2-3 early death, a jungler not ganking enough,...), which makes me think, that they probably flame very often, yet somehow it seems those people aren't getting punished, even though the System punished players who talk back once in maybe 100 games instantly. I myself miss the old tribunal days, where actual humans were deciding on an offense withing the context of the game an it was impossible to bypass punishment by understanding some automated system. What is your opinion on this, similar experiences, or is it just my subjective perception? Do you think it is possible to bypass the system even when behaving a way, that should yield a punishment and what changes would you propose?

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