was I toxic in this situation?

this lee sin came to gank me at level 1 for some reason and he ended up fighting enemy laner under his tower because he wasn't overextending obviously he died and gave him red buff making my shitty early game even more miserable I only typed one word in chat "idiot" and that was enough to convince lee sin to insult my mother, rage quit and then come back to troll my lane once again at low level he never left my lane and kept giving him kills eventually sick of his shit I threatened to afk if he came to my lane again which he did and I indeed went afk cause a flamer can be ignored but not someone actively trolling your lane checking my match history the guy went afk again right after i did, why do people do this? why lee sin players are mentally %%%%%%ed for %%%%'s sake? if you can't handle being called an idiot be sure to not play like one
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