Toxic Teammates made me uninstall league (new player feedback)

hello, this is my first time to complain about a game ever but this made me so frustrated. in general, everyone plays this game tries his best to win even if they are bad. it is quite fun. however, when i started playing ranked there has to be at least one or two teammates who flame 24/7. the kind of guys who thinks they know it all, i am the best and you are trash. normally i do not mind it, i try to be helpful and cheerful even if the game is going into bad direction. my last game was the one that takes the cake, i had two teammates who flamed none stop and even after i told them i am trying my best. those were the kind of players who do not give advice or suggestion, they only call you trash. even after rescuing one of them out of team fight by using the summoner spell heal that i completely could have ignored. they kept rambling about reporting me, kill yourself and trash and my KDA was 4/3/7. and it was quite a close game so i decided to show them what real toxic player looks like. kept intentionally feeding the enemy team until we lost because i could not take their abuse any longer and i do not want to see people like them win games. after the game i uninstalled league of legends because i am sick of the toxic players. this was my feedback as a new player entering ranked mode. thanks for ruining it to me guys (you know who you are.) :) hopefully the community be more gental in the future and as for me i quit for the time being RIOT find a solution please.
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