Solution for "Cleaning the community"

The reason why i start this discussion is due to the fact that the community has become intolerant. Riot always finds a way to bring back players back to the game with new champions, skins, chests, etc, thus making an enormous profit from it. We don't mind the hours spent on the game as long as the game is playable. The problem is that Riot refuses to see the bigger picture and is losing the players that play the game since season 1. Just because the game is good doesn't mean people will play it. The community is toxic and intolerant and Riot have done nothing to repair it. This reason alone is why people are leaving this game behind and find another alternative. There is a way to report players, but nobody seems to care anymore and doesn't report anyone. I have seen/played so many games which were ruined by someone, and after the game, everyone just leave the after-match screen or press the "Play again" button without wasting time reporting the person that wasted 1 hour of 9 peoples lives just because of immaturity, bad attitude, or even worse unsportsmanlike behaviors which are too much to mention them all. There are almost 7 out of 10 games ruined because of the reasons mentioned. Everybody is feeling sick of it, and yet nobody takes the necessary action to clean this community once and for all. Well Riot, here is a solution. Find a way to make the players "want" or "feel obliged" to report bad and negative behavior. If a person is reported and if that person is really banned or sanctioned, reward the ones that helped cleaning the community. Give them something, a fragment, IP boost, a chest, whatever. Anything that will make them "want" to report the person which made their last game unplayable. Not only everyone will feel obliged to report the "troll", but will feel happy to do so. I know everyone will think that this may be abused by premades, but one more variable can be added to the equation. Let's say, If a minimum of 2 people from the same and 2 from the opposite team report a person, then the rule applies. And if someone is "over-reporting" without the reported person is sanctioned, that person may be sanctioned as well. Cleaning the community will make this game way better in terms of game-play, bring new players which are not playing this game because of the community reviews and bring back the old players that gave up on the game since it became unplayable. Solving this problem, will provide a lot better in-game experience, extend the hours people spent on playing this game, which will contribute to the thing Riot cares the most, Profit. There is a saying in our country for this kind of solution where both ends are satisfied: "The wolf's belly is full, and yet all the sheep are on count". I hope opening this discussion will make Riot's management consider this solution and make this game great again...
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