Need an anwsers from Riot's stuff :)

What i would like to discuss with some people is why riot isn't doing anything about the report system. everytime i report someone for trolling (Feeding on purpose or fucking around not doing anything) or i report for herasment i am 100% that noone is punished and i am not happy about that. A main reason i play lol is to relax and have fun but i end up exiting the gaming after evey second or third game cause i see so many people yelling at their team and trolling .Why can't RIOT take it a bit more serious and start perma banning people again. I might not be the most kind person but i am also not that toxic nither i troll.And i want a game witch i enjoy not have 2 deal with annoying people all the time. I would like a respons from someone to my opinion.(Exuse bad grammar)
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