Serious problems with player behavior

Alright, first of all, i never took flaming or reporting seriously. I've always just reported people calling me a noob and saying how "izi" it is to kill me. No deeper thoughts about it. But it's starting to go seriously disturbing as i've now started to play more than usual. I get bullied for accidents, mistakes, my teammates asking the other team to report me for being a "trash". This is the 3rd day in a row, with players who keep on bullying me until i mute them. Yes, i know i can mute them, but you can't start off in a game with muting everyone in the match, that way i wouldn't see them saying ss or stuff like that, and i don't expect everyone to be rude, but now it seems like most of them are. And even after muting them, the game just feels really bad to play with people like this, who now refuse to cooperate with me in the game. And it's very rare when i get feedback about them getting punished, and seems like the punishment isn't enough, as there are far too many people still bullying others. I really hope and look forward to seeing some improvements in this. [screenshot redacted](i said keep on flaming sarcastically, hoping they will stop) [(fixed sreenshot here, i censored it this time, sorry.)](

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