Can people rate whether I should be chat banned for this

Game 1 In-Game sir2bot2: risky but okay sir2bot2: okay sir2bot2: np sir2bot2: dont troll botlane sir2bot2: i dont lose anything if we ff sir2bot2: your loss not mine sir2bot2: can you report thresh for trolling sir2bot2: lucky i have new division protection sir2bot2: your ruining your own lp sir2bot2: cant farm when ekko sits top in a bush sir2bot2: thresh %%%ed up my lane sir2bot2: just ran it down top sir2bot2: can i have one gank sir2bot2: this game is gg sir2bot2: thresh %%%ed my lane sir2bot2: again thresh %%%ed my lane sir2bot2: i guess you didnt see sir2bot2: too busy camping bot sir2bot2: just let illaoi push top then dumbass sir2bot2: i cant stop him thanks to you %%%% sir2bot2: open top sir2bot2: im done sir2bot2: you lot are such %%%%s sir2bot2: none of you see what i had top sir2bot2: too busy botlane all game sir2bot2: ekko was top sir2bot2: thresh literally inted in my lane sir2bot2: and %%%ed up my farm sir2bot2: but you dont see any of that do you sir2bot2: the thresh which straight up inted sir2bot2: and you lot suddenly like him sir2bot2: i hate teams like tyhis sir2bot2: you do realise i lose nothing dumbass sir2bot2: open top sir2bot2: apparently thresh running it down top is my fault sir2bot2: thank thresh for a free top sir2bot2: kinda did sir2bot2: she hit 6 first from it sir2bot2: that powerspike on illaoi is disgusting sir2bot2: then ekko ganked top a lot sir2bot2: forcing me to back sir2bot2: then the thresh flame tilts me so much sir2bot2: i cant play when tilted sir2bot2: bye sir2bot2: i cant play when you all flame me sir2bot2: do you know how tilting it is sir2bot2: im tilted by you all flaming me and thresh trolling me sir2bot2: im too tilted to play sir2bot2: i dont care anymore sir2bot2: i dont lose anything anyway sir2bot2: cos i didnt get first blood on illaoi sir2bot2: then thresh went top and trolled me then inted sir2bot2: i can see its my fault though that thresh trolled me sir2bot2: and if you lot had any sympathy for the trolling i got from thresh sir2bot2: and how tilting it is sir2bot2: he ruined my lane sir2bot2: he is still trolling me sir2bot2: ty team for sticking up for me sir2bot2: please report thresh for trolling Post-Game sir2bot2: i was tilted sir2bot2: thresh inted in my lane then trolled me the whole game sir2bot2: he also kept taking stuff off of me sir2bot2: and got me stuck in spawn for a min sir2bot2: stuff you lot never saw Game 2 In-Game sir2bot2: yeah sir2bot2: tp sucks now sir2bot2: i wont be making tp plays sir2bot2: im done sir2bot2: she was on 2 hp sir2bot2: a lot i can do when they dive me sir2bot2: you want me to die more? sir2bot2: taliyah is camping me sir2bot2: bugsplat sir2bot2: taliyah camped top mmmhhh sir2bot2: tower dove 3 times from her sir2bot2: and a tp on 6 min cd would of helped sir2bot2: tp also has a longer channel time sir2bot2: im so close to going afk sir2bot2: i got camped sir2bot2: taliyah sat top for most of the game sir2bot2: why sir2bot2: mf and lulu toxic as %%% sir2bot2: the mf one trick sir2bot2: okay Post-Game sir2bot2: the mf one trick hard stuck in gold sir2bot2: tp would of made no diff on the tower dives i had sir2bot2: im plat sir2bot2: so me dying under tower 3 times to taliyah sir2bot2: mf watch the replay sir2bot2: i was dived
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