I am an intentional feeder/troll (Ask me anything)

I have been intentionally feeding and trolling my teammates ever since i got a 14 day ban for saying bad words to trolls such as "idiot, noob, low iq, %%%%%%". I thought of an experiment to try and ruin the game experience for my teammates without getting banned for it. I have trolled 50+ matches since season 8 but i didn't receive any punishment for it. I intentionally feed and troll in a smart way, i give free kills to every player on the enemy team as many times as i can, i sometimes kill an enemy player or get a few assists to trick the ban system to show that i am not a troll and "just a bad player". This experiment was successful, i made my teammates rage and reported them for getting mad and swearing at me, i reached Iron 4 and most importantly i never got punished for it. It was a fun journey, but now i will retire from this game. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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