League is becomming more toxic and more trashtalk in chat

Hello everyone, Let me start off with a bang. "Why the %%%% are you in platinum you f$$$ing noobs. Go f$$k yourself.I'm going to int. You're garbage". Isn't it nice to have a game of league of legends when these sentences are only used in the first 10 minutes of the game. I know what you are thinking right now:"But it always your own fault that you have toxic teammates" , or "well it is just an thing that is a part of the game". Well you got it wrong, I personally think that this problem must be address and that everyone should think about it. I believe that league of legends has become a game that is more about insulting other people than playing the game. I have the feeling that I'm more insulted in one game of league than my intire life (irl). And I also think that Riot Games should step up and do something about it. Now you are thinking: "Why are you telling this in the community? It doesn't matter because Riot Games doesn't read these thing". Well a game is nothing without the community, so i'm encouraging you to speak up!! Tell the community that typing doesn't help. Tell the community that being negative doesn't help you reach your goals, only hard work and practise. So I want you guys to react to this message and tell what problems you have with your teammates. Tell Riot Games that the game isn't improving in reducing negativity Thanks for reading!! btw.: I'm platinum 4 and i think Platinum is the worst elo where people are the most toxic?
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