Toxic players still roaming even when we report them.Why?

Alright this last game was the last straw i mean like why did u close off the tribunal if you cant do your job correctly riot?Like every single game i get someone who flames me and i report them but in the end of the day nothing happens even my friends report these people but they are still roaming and the threat of reporting somebody doesnt make them stop flaming because they know they wont get banned or get punished for it and seriously the last player from that game i played put me on so much tilt.I know i know [YOU CAN MUTE THEM YOU KNOW?!?!NOOB WHY YOU START THIS DISCUSSION WHEN YOU CAN MUTE THEM?!?!?!?] well even if i mute them there is always more then one way to ruin somebody's game like idk maybe intentional feeding, going into a 1v5 intentionally just to ruin your mood steal your farm steal your camps tell the enemy where you are throw you into the enemy team [tahm kench] make you golden for the enemy team [bard] and many many many more so please riot we need a solution ASAP Make a system where chosen players can judge people or take care of your report system idk but WE NEED A SOLUTION RIOT AND WE NEED IT NOW
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