I can not believe this.

Talon 0-20 endgame. Irelia went afk. Left game. Reconnected. Went afk again. Left game. Reconnected again. Sold all items and started trolling again. I can not believe this. After a very nice winstreak of 5 games getting me into gold promo's. I've had nothing but trollers feeders and afkers. What did I do to deserve these people. How are they not banned. How are they not permabanned? How does this keep happening everytime I reach this gold promo. All games are going so good. Then gold promo > AFK > Feed > Troll > W/e. Just no chance. I know my score is bad as well, but you try to stop a 15-1 heimer from getting inhibitor without getting killed. You know the best part? They all refused to surrender and made this horror game last as long as they possibly could.
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