What makes toxic people toxic.

Not really sure why i'm writing this thread, i just thought i'd clear up why toxic people ( Myself ) are toxic. Many people think people like me just go into games and start flaming everything we see , but the point of this thread is that IS NOT true. What pisses us off, well, atleast people in my situation, is people who intentionally lose the game, without trolling or AFKing. ( Aswell as trolls / AFKS ) For example : Yesturday I played 2 ranked games that were a sure win. We were ahead in all of them, I politley reminded my team to not get cocky, keep playing objectivley and we will win, as Leona and Lee Sin were 1v5ing and throwing. They were CLEARLY TRYING to lose the game, while doing it in such a way that it's not even against the rules. They both constistantly ran down midlane 1nd 1v5'd, then Lee said he's going AFK because the games over. Nobody reported lee sin. However, when I started to tell him he's a stupid brainless fuck and I hate him for delibratley losing, I suddenly get 50,00,000,000 reports. Sorry - What? So it's okay to intentionally lose the game but it's not ok to be mad at someone who intentionally loses? What kind of shit is this game turning into? If I wanted to , I could go into ranked, pick Ryze top with Ignite and ( Ryze has the lowest winrate in the game ) , feed and say NOTHING. Nobody would report me , nobody would flame me , even though it's clear im doing it on purpose. However, should I say ONE thing in chat, I instantly get reported. I'm intentionally losing my lane, intentionally refusing to group with my team, intentionally feeding the enemy toplaner and , ultimatley , losing on purpose. NOt ONE person would report me , and additionally, it's not even against the rules apparently. The other day I got a 2 week ban on my main account for telling teemo to stop bieng an asshole and group. I was very fed on LB, he would go top, splitpush, die , and because of him the game lasted over an hour. He was intentionally making the game boring for all of us, and intentionally trying to make us lose, as we came close to losing. He KNEW he would die when he went top, he KNEW he wouldn't get anything from it, yet he continued to do it. I , ofcourse , got pissed off that he has the audacity to make us lose on purpose, I told him ( exact quote ) "teemo is a fucking joke no you are afk pushing your too stupid to realise if we group we win haha we nearly won a teamfight 3v5 what do you think would have happened if you were there exacly fucking idiot and you haven't grouped for 20 min now they are all full build you let them farm long enough that they are full build" This, right here, is the point of my thread. Yes, I flamed him. Oh no I used a swear word. If he really cared so much about me swearing he would mute me ( He didn't ) My point is, the reason flamers flame, is BECAUSE PEOPLE ENTICE THEM TO DO IT. I would not have been flaming him if he was not intentionally making us lose. He even admitted in chat he doesn't care if he dies. That's my point. Flamers are made, not born. So, if you people on this topic on the boards, REALLY care about flamers, maybe you should actually try not to intentionally piss them off. If you ask me, getting pissed off when someones intentionally trying to piss you off is HUMAN, and I shouldn't be banned for flaming someone who's delibratley trying to lose us the game, and more to the point, he's TRYING to piss me off. Ofcourse i'm going to get mad, he's trying to piss me off. Does this not bug anyone? Is this a PG-3 game? So what if I tell someone to 'stop bieng an asshole' , amd I not entitled to be able to say that if they are intentionally losing us the game? What makes him feel so special and important that he can just ruin the game for all of us ? To make a final point, I am NOT the type of flamer who just flames someone for dying in their lane. Ofcourse, people lose their lanes, people are out-matched, what DOES piss me off is when people in my team lose their lane, or dont group, that's fine. I do not just flame for no reason. However, if someone is activley taking steps to NOT work with the team, and activley and delibratley do things that make us lose the game, then I WILL flame them, because these kind of people are worse. I'd MUCH rather have 4 flamers in my team, then 4 people who say nothing and intentionally make us lose, I can mute the flamers but I can't stop these kinds of people making us lose.
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