Banned after being reported by 4 teammates, wasn't even flaming

FuhrerRaijin: i START RAPTORS FuhrerRaijin: shit caps was on FuhrerRaijin: xin ward bloo plx FuhrerRaijin: <3 FuhrerRaijin: steal even one and I will flame you the whole game btw FuhrerRaijin: holy %%%% my mmr has gone low FuhrerRaijin: liek a month ago I was playing with golds FuhrerRaijin: I'm just gonna mute pings FuhrerRaijin: I dont really care for listening, I'll gank when it's possible/worth FuhrerRaijin: then stop pushing FuhrerRaijin: you were pushed all the way to his turret when you just died FuhrerRaijin: and muting text chat now FuhrerRaijin: because I dont feel like talkign either FuhrerRaijin: unmuted everyone for a while FuhrerRaijin: you've inted 4 kills FuhrerRaijin: so stfu FuhrerRaijin: yes FuhrerRaijin: you have FuhrerRaijin: always out of position FuhrerRaijin: because bot is the only lane which can carry FuhrerRaijin: great range FuhrerRaijin: surely that wasnt just a target bug and ur ult totally has infinite range with no vision required FuhrerRaijin: uä're always out of positopn FuhrerRaijin: all of ur 5 deaths are inted FuhrerRaijin: learn how to win lane lmao FuhrerRaijin: when I have a mid inting and xin basically letting them get our nexus I can't constantly focus everyt lane at once FuhrerRaijin: so unless you want me to int I'd suggest shuttign the %%%% up FuhrerRaijin: because I'm literally the only one doing well FuhrerRaijin: because you guys can't win your lanes or ward FuhrerRaijin: u're inting FuhrerRaijin: that moment when bot can't ward, xin can't 1v1 and tf is always out of position FuhrerRaijin: and it's somehow all my fault FuhrerRaijin: what the %%%% FuhrerRaijin: like, if they wanted a jungle to babysit their asses they shouldn't have told me to pick a carry FuhrerRaijin: I'm so %%%%ing angry that my mmr dropped to this shit-tier level FuhrerRaijin: sin ce I'm used to playing with the team FuhrerRaijin: not against them FuhrerRaijin: zed, you know what I'n saying when tf basically inted lane by pushing and being out of position, right? FuhrerRaijin: I am tho FuhrerRaijin: I'm not inting FuhrerRaijin: and I'm farming FuhrerRaijin: better than u FuhrerRaijin: also all of my ganks ended up in a kill FuhrerRaijin: when I wasn't even supposed to gank FuhrerRaijin: graves is a carry jungler FuhrerRaijin: carry junglers farm FuhrerRaijin: 3 top FuhrerRaijin: 2 bot FuhrerRaijin: 2 mid FuhrerRaijin: hard to carry with all 3 lanes losinmg FuhrerRaijin: you never warded FuhrerRaijin: if bot loses FuhrerRaijin: how am I supposed to take drakes? FuhrerRaijin: I love how bot never warded, always pushed, and blame me for not gankiing or taking drakes FuhrerRaijin: when the whole drake is based artound bot FuhrerRaijin: you guys lost ur lane FuhrerRaijin: you have no right to complain FuhrerRaijin: you made tons of mistakes FuhrerRaijin: which I addressed early FuhrerRaijin: why am I stuck with these bronze gnomes? FuhrerRaijin: tf inted mid, blames me FuhrerRaijin: xin lost 1v1 FuhrerRaijin: blames me FuhrerRaijin: bot pushe,d didnt ward and inted FuhrerRaijin: blame me FuhrerRaijin: also I shouldnt have been trying to gank in the first place FuhrerRaijin: it was kog who told me to pick a carry jungler FuhrerRaijin: carry junglers dont gank FuhrerRaijin: they farm FuhrerRaijin: pls rep these inters/flamers FuhrerRaijin: bg FuhrerRaijin: report these inter gnomes FuhrerRaijin: for flaming me FuhrerRaijin: and inting Again, I wasn't flaming, I WAS THE ONE BEING FLAMED, and while I admit, I should have just muted them, I am not the one at fault, unless those 4 players get all permed, I shouldn't even get chat restricted. I never even talk to someone unless they first ping spam me or flame me as well, and I've been reformed ever since my last suspension, this can't happen guys, I'll take 14 days for this, I admit I was arguing, but jesus I can't get perm'd for this.
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