Platinum, the True Elohell.

Hi there. My name is Lightfield, current summonor name : RVRX17. I am an experienced player, i play since season 1. Actually started playing serious at season 2 and so on. Highest peak is Diamond 5. Tho lately i'm struggling with getting out of plat, plat is just the purest form of elohell you will ever encounter. I rarely have bad games, and always try to stay positive towards winning the game. I was P1 a couple days ago and now back in P2 ( almost demoted to P3 ). I always get the most toxic people in-game. People who just flame since the champ select, or spam FF after they died once in lane. Maybe it's because of pre-season that people just don't give a **** about climbing? I totally do, the higher rank i can get in preseason, the higher i will be placed in the new season. I'm just so sick of the people with the "idgaf" additude. Like come on, if you play ranked atleast play serious. I can play every role every role and am flexible in champ select, if people want to take my role, here you go buddy. Anyone else here having trouble with climbing out of plat? I know some things that would help, like : - Master a champion or 2. A champ on which u can carry - Don't flame, and keep a positive additude ( which is REALLY hard in platinum, since everyone is toxic. ) - Try duoQ with a friend who is also a good player.
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