The "I agree" prompt not to leave games is incredibly condescending after a game crash.

On occasion my computer hangs completely in games. (I suspect my old Crossfire rig doesn't agree with Windows 10 driver-wise) Today I had just such a problem, and after starting the computer back up, the game won't load the match, it just hangs again with a League of Legends logo in front of a black screen (the one that usually appears for just a second after select). So once more I alt-f4 to restart the client, and when I get back in I'm forced to write "I agree" to not leave more games because it's harmful to the community. Apparently their Yi went ham after I disconnected, and my team forfeited at 20:15, so I have no way of getting back into the game anymore. I understand that Riot does all it can to inform and rehabilitate the toxic part of our community, but forcing people to type "I agree" is demeaning. It is handholding to the umpteenth degree, and even more infuriating after you haven't actually left the game. If you're gonna be this condescending, can we at least have an appropriate grace period to get back into the game, or whatever corresponding screen? Yeah, I know, people try to abuse everything, but there needs to be a reasonable chance to rectify a game problem for honest players.
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