banned for 14 days?

hey guys i am silver 5 and i have been there for about 250 games and i was banned for 14 days i don't know why but i get flamed by 3 of my team and i don't curse bu i tell them things normal players should do like ganking or warding or stop feeding and i get players like this every game then i get banned for doing this? well if the match up is not fair it's not my problem that i have to deal with players who feed or flame at me and make me lose and if this just keep going i will delete league and please do me a favor in comments and say what i should do and don't say "u suck u desrve silver 5 for 250 games" because i don't think any of u would handle what i deal with everyday so please if you are gonna say i suck and this stuff please don't comment....

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