sensitive players

I feel like in lol even in irl people are so %%%%ing sensitive they arnt used to "flame" is what people call it. i mean fck me you tell someone what they did wrong or that there playing bad they instantly think" hes flaming hes toxic omg report him" i honestly dont understand people report you for the stupidest things and theres pro's/twitch streamers actually insulting people and they get fck all. Some people will say they just here to play a game they dont want people judging there plays or whatever but seriously. if i %%%%ed up or i died for the 7th time and someone typed youre so bad or im sht well yeah in this game im playing sht i am doing bad just beacuse someone pointed it out im not going to get offended over something so small. Basically a high % of reports i honestly think is because people dont like facing the fact that they are playing shit. Please oh %%%%ing please who ever reads this before you report someone because they said you lost a game because of a play WHICH EVERYONE HAS DONE or you over extended and lost a team fight WHICH HAS HAPPENED TO EVERYONE please dry your eyes and grow up, you soft insecure people stop getting angry or upset because you had a bad game and you cant take judgement.
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