I started playing LoL since season 3 ! A lot of time passed since then , and after hundreds of hours lost on this game , I found myself being kicked out totaly from it . This is unacceptable , your sistem is trash ! Other players can perma ban someone even if they don't give a right judgement , this is insane !!! I invested a lot of money in this game and got BANNED for 3-4 bad behaviour games out of 100 ?! WTF is this ?! There are truly lots of idiots who can't make a good comunity and after so many years I accepted it in a form . Everyone flames once in a while but I didn't deserved to be banned ! They could've give me a damn chat restrict at least ! In my whole LoL time I got maximately 4 chat restricts , and that is really small comapred for how long I play this game . Unlike many others who are really toxic , get lots of chat restricts but not getting banned . This is crazy , no wonder why so many players left this . It changed too much in a really bad way ! But I bet none of you care , cuz you get your money and that's it , pure bussines . Nobody is a damn saint and everybody knows that . I am dissapointed and I'm really thinking about sueing this company unless my account is given back . I really feel offended for what has been done ! EDIT : I would like to talk to someone from the staff to clarify all this
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