The community kills this game

I loved this game so much and played since the beginning of season 2, so about 5 years now. I loved how it was back in the past, also it was way different from the feeling as today but that's something else. What's killing the game is the toxic community. Idk more and more toxic kids start to play this game, I really am considering to quit league completly because of them. There isn't a single game out of 20 that you can truly enjoy since there is allway someone toxic af that tries to tilt the shit out of you. Sorry but I don't understand riot saying one thing and doing another, they said they hate toxicity completly but yet they don't really do much against it. I still see so many people being toxic as hell and I also track their games for a while. In one week they play like 20 - 30 games and in 90% of the cases they repeat their toxic actions, yet I still see no punishments on them, even if they get reported after each of those games. I just think that riot should focus mainly on punishing those people and removing them from the community, as they did state, they rather bann these people and lose them as players as to have them in their community.

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