How to win with low teamates?

Hello guys, im sorry for my grammar. So, lets start. Year ago i was dota player with high rank(5k) and with this result i can say, im very good moba player. Now, i more playing lol. After first 10 pormo games i got 4 silver and im start climbing up. I play all lanes, if i mid-top, i got some kills there and try to gank other lanes, this is ez in low elo. When i play as adc, i farm pretty good, ~70 cs 10 min, not best, but not bad. I know about positioning. When i play as support, im playing with good healers, like soraka. My adc stay free, all good. Also, i every time buy pink, use totems in good places, im not bad. And what a problem i have? I cant win some games in a row. I cant climbing. My match history is like this: 1win, then 1 lose, or 2 win, then 2 lose. i have ~45% win rate, with very good gameplay from me. But my team is very bad, and i have bad guys in 3/5 games. They cant stay safely, they have very small cs, they never use ward or totems, if use, use very small times. They panic in team fight, they choose bad position. All games when i win, there is good team, or very very very bad enemy... How to climb? im starting to hate this game... Maybe some on can play together with me? I want to enjoy the game and win , I be happy after this. ! I never flame on team, my chat is disabled.
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