Being Reported for no reason or by the other team for 'Offensive Language'

Basically it has Happened 2 times in a week, I be a friendly player and try to help in game and I don't flame at people because we all have a bad game. But I get reported for no reason because it seems it other players don't like you for no reason they just spam reports on you which don't make any sense. I mean I got reported for AFK when i was always in the game and we even won :/. Then just a moment ago in a team builder match, we had won and i honored my team and said as you do 'GG WP' at the end, My whole team has left and i get a notification saying 'You have been reported for offensive language'.... . This annoys me slightly because it gives my account bad reputation and in team builder you can't talk to the other team. I don't think anything about this will be done but im just wondering if its not just me who is having these odd problems or getting reported for good play and teamwork and even... winning.

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