Any tips to climb @ Plat?

Hello, I was previous season diamond 3 however this season i'm already stuck for 526 games in Platinum due the lack of communication. I thought Platinum was a decent elo where people know what reasoning is however literally 50% of my games has at least someone that is way too toxical which even end up to go troll or afk. I know every division has this kind of problems but i did not expect that this kind of negative attitude is occuring way too much in Platinum/Diamond elo. Is anyone else experiencing my problem? And with problem i mean that is it happening way too much. My last Diamond 5 promos ended up losing due afkers and intentional feeders. Even without flaming and trying to be nice they refuse to win the game :) While i encounter Flamers/Trollers i do not flame them but mute them, however that will not improve the game experience which will end up losing mostly. Imo too many people are climbing by getting boosted by other friends with this Dynamic queue. Please tell me how to climb to Diamond while being a postive player. I'm close to become a douche and flame the hell out of people.

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