What is trolling for yourselves!?

So, whenever i'm in a game, doesn't matter if it's normal, ranked or flex. People are categorizing any behaviour that doesn't comply with one's own vision of the world as trolling. Off meta pick = troll Ignoring a pushed lane as a jungler = troll Last hitting creeps as support while your adc is in base = troll Not buying sightstone = troll Having a poor score = troll Roaming as Bard = troll Having heal on cooldown as Soraka = troll Not building ardent = troll Dying with your ultimate on = troll This is just my shortlist of what i see on a daily basis and what people think trolling means. Unfortunately this is one of the main issues making the report system bloated with fake reports, having the impresion Riot is trying to support trolls when in reality the only issue in that game is YOU thinking those actions are the results of a troll. My experience for the past week, i've reported atlest 1 person 10 out of 10 games, either from my team or the enemy team, for using the chat to cry about the lines stated above and begging for unjust reports. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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