If you wanted jung or mid then for god's sake DON'T PICK FILL

my last game was godawful, I was the only one who managed to win their lane but that's beside the point as I'm not going to point any fingers. In the champ select before the match our supp went with karma after being begged by other teammates not to take xerath because we already had an apc in mid and we didn't need two carries in bot otherwise neither of them would have enough gold/exp. The karma then proceeded to type in chat that they wished they had got mid or jung and then as the game was starting typed "gg we've lost" needless to say I was really unimpressed by this behavior as this kind of behavior spoils the game for everyone involved. clearly people don't realize that selecting fill will not guarantee you the roll you want and will likely put you in support. so the moral of this story is IF YOU WANT/DON'T WANT A SPECIFIC ROLE DON'T PICK FILL AS THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE YOU WON'T GET WHAT YOU WANT! rant over.
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