Change the rules about banning to make it fairer

I write this post because I got an unfair premier ban. The reason I was banned is not important for this post but mostly because I can't tell ty to some stupid rule. Every day more in 1000 (people, I talk with) get banned from leagues of legends because they talking back to people who use league of legends at a tool to discriminate, troll or make a serious threat to other people just because they have a bad day. And most of the time they gets away with what they are doing because of the simple reason “The person did nothing this game, because you were the only one who was toxic and was destroyed game from other people” and that’s not okay excuses from player support not to ban a person who is discrimination or threatening other players. That’s why I want a riot to change the systems how they ban people to make chat met cleaner and safe for every player. If not I have no other choice to take legit action against riot gaming because it’s not okay how they treat us players.
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