Following up on reports

Is there any way to see if a report you made had an impact? There used to be the tribunal where you could see which punishements people got, even though you couldn't see the end result of your own reports. But now all you can do is place a report and check up on the guy's profile every now and again to see if he got banned (lighter restrictions will remain invisible). But you never know if a report you made has been processed by the system already or not, or if the report has been tossed. If the victims of trolls and flamers can't see the end results of their report, then how can we trust that the system is actually doing anything? Do we continue to report reportable offenses or is it all just useless and we shouldn't bother at all? I know there's the rare "report" stating how many people were caught and punished but honestly big numbers and statistics do nothing for me, Riot might have just made up these figures to make it seem like they're doing something. And if the raw numbers are true (thye probably are, I'm not doubting that), then what does that mean? We still have no idea how much of our reports actully do something, it might be that 95% of the legitemate reports are thrown away as false reports. And if no such follow-up system exists, are there plans for implementing such a system?
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