Permaban for this? O.o?

Permanent Account Suspension Your account has received a permanent suspension following an extensive audit of in-game behavior within recent League of Legends matches. Here are some chat logs that were identified as negative by other players in the community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D go now u dont loose much so dumb people in this game for a suport 3 deaths doesnt matter...what u did there would had been the same with any jungler lee babysiting..and towerdiving j4 did nothing but give kills is not our problem that u come ranked with champs u dont know how to play and feed u know u are instant ban for homophobic coments right? yeap xD no trist lvl 5 minute 10 that guy .... no words pls report j4 for unskilled, 2nd time j4, calling us "%%%" and troll he needs instaban j4 muted and reported u destory bot lane we can kill lucian if i stun i ulti u veigar maye u can also move from mid from time to time?!? lol? 1 Q and R ... full hp dmg :D oh thanks for stuning jax renek before getting to me... i was so rlying on you doing that yea right why do u have to insult? veigar take blue baron? just report j4 np tristana stop dieing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your behavior means you are no longer welcome in the League of Legends community. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? for TALKING TO MUCH? cause you cant tell me i've been perma ban for saying "so dumb" and "reprot j4" who was 1/9 and refusing to cooperate.... xD you are pathetic!
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