Can we stop giving riot shit?

Honestly guys, its starting to become an old "meme". Riot is doing the best they can and all you guys can figure out to do is be toxic and give them shit. - Being negative on the forums, Raging about the server crashes, shop prices, Matchmaking system and whatnot DOES NOT help anyone. Riot will not be changing anything from flat out ragecomments, what would help, both for them to see the frustration, and for you guys to perhaps get heard a little more, would be to give some constructive Critisism instead.. - Riot has multiple teams, working over several timezones, and problems isnt something you fix over night (you would know if you knew ANYTHING about coding) - Being toxic towards riot, while you clearly are going to keep playing the game, makes no sense, if you dont like the company, or the game, why are you playing it? - Matchmaking issues is not something that riot has any control over except for maybe changing the algorithms of how their matchmaking system works, Riot does not sit there, pushing buttons and choosing manually to queue you up with apes, the system chooses randomly from people AROUND the same MMR as you, and by that standard they should be just as good, if not even a little bit better than you. Everyone has bad games, everyone can make bad mistakes, but i promise you, if you are currently stuck, and getting queued with people that seem to be ''%%%%%%ed'' its probably because you are playing just as badly as they are.. focus on yourself, not your team and not riot. they are REALLY doing everything they can.. And yes, i know many of you will come out now and say "Riot fanboy, capitalistic defender!" and all that other kind of bullshit, but please, stop it.
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