Why is Bronze ELO full of AFK's players, Smurfs, Trolls that int and Iron 4 players?

Bronze Elo 4 to 2 is like the Hell of League of Legends, I literally found every types of bad players in this Solo Q Bronze season. -Smurfs: Challengers that for some reasons decide to get a 2nd account and ruin the low ELO games -AFK Players: 1 out of 5 games there is an AFK player that ruin the game -Trolls: Often in the night hours, they pick random champs and laughing when people starts to get salty -Iron 4 players in Bronze Elo: Those players CANNOT CLEARLY be in this elo because of lacks of LoL game knowledge (0 warding > {{item:2055}} , risky plays > {{summoner:4}} , bad items > {{item:3056}} , going for kills and not for objectives {{champion:157}} ) that going to feed the enemy. In this Elo we barely can see a match without a Report, can you keep more attention, banning more bad players and fix the matchmaking? Please Riot. IT'S A REAL HELL right now
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