Instant permaban

It's the only option for this server right now. Riot too harsh on punishments? Yeah right more like not paying attention. EUW is by far the most toxic server of all. I've legit looked at every single servers low elo games, and they don't even compare. Not by a light year, legit no competition when it comes to being toxic for EUW. I'm thinking that permanently banning players on the spot for inting or going afk on purpose in a ranked game should be punishable with a permanent ban at their first offence. Or at least receive a "season ban" from ranked. That should just about immediately cooldown everyone who does not belong in ranked. Seriously it's not even that harsh a punishment, permanent or seasonal. People who refuse to play the damn "team" game should not be allowed in a competitive environment. You know your wannabe slogan (cause that's all it's gonna be if this shit does not stop). "not just a sport, our sport" What do you think would happen in football or in any competitive sport if a player would intentionally throw the game?
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