Truly undeserved ban, for saying "gl hf", "gg wl" and "lag". (remade thread as some ppl asked)

Hey, DarkBillyBoy here :D (ik sounds silly. what was i thining x)) So, 2 days ago i got 25 chat restricted games and 1 day ago(24 hours later) i got 2 weeks ban, based on the same chatlogs. (this is the 4rth day that im w8ing for a response from a rioter about that 1st case.) i said nothing negative or offensive in those chatlogs. the worst thing that i had say was saying "muted" once to the 3 players that were flaming me. but thats about another thread which you can find here : yesterday, 20 hours after that punishment, i decided to log into my account and start playing again. the expected message popped that i had 25 remaining chat restricted games before my punishment get lifted. so i started playing. after i played the 4rth game (which ended about 24 hours after i had got punished), i had 21 remaining chat restricted games. and anyway i went into champion selection for my 5th game, but suddenly another message popped up saying i got banned for 2 weeks. i go to my email to see the chatlogs, but it has only one chatlog of one game, and that game was played before even my 25 chat restricted games punishment! i was already punished for that game and now im being punished a second time! if you see the chatlog you will see that i chat too many times. its impossible for a chat restricted player to chat so much. chat log : **But thats not all of it. i log in to the client, and the client has one extra chat log. the chat log of my last game, the 4rth game. and this is the chat log : Game 2 DarkBillyBoy: good luck and have fun everyone :) DarkBillyBoy: lag DarkBillyBoy: you will do what leblanc ? DarkBillyBoy: am i ? DarkBillyBoy: ok then i guess i am DarkBillyBoy: good game well played everyone :)** i want to ask you how on earth this chat log can be ever considered negative ? -------------------------------------- it cant. it only proves that the chatlogs sent to accounts are from games in which you got reported (false or valid report doesnt matter). ->in my chatlog 2 i mention a leblanc. look in my match history ( ) thats the only leblanc i have in my games is in my last game! ->in my chatlog 1 i mention a singed and a twisted fate that flame me. if you look again my match history you will see that its my 5th game from the end, which is the last game i had play after which i had receive the 25 chat restricted games punishment. => this proves that i only got reported in these 2 games (the 1st and the last). so in the btw 3 games i played noone even reported me. So, since my 1st chatlog is obviously system's error, i do not deserve this ban. (i had sent a ticket to riot support 3-4 days ago regarding player behavior and punish system and they still havent replied to me. today i made another ticket especially for this undeserved ban, but it propably take a week untill they reply. which means i cannot play League of Legends, or even access the chat and see my friends list!.)_

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