gilet jaunes in league EUW

So I have queued up 4 different times this morning and every single champ select there has been a troll. These people say that they are doing it in support of the "gilet jaunes" which I understand to be the yellow jacket movement in France against the government tax, but now it's coming to league and for some reason in every queue I have gone into this morning. They do things like: -Ban out champions that the team has intentions to play - Lock in a very troll character (e.g. ashe jungle) and then take the wrong spells (cleans and heal when you're a jungler) - Pick other people's champions that they have intended to play - Choose a very normal champion to go into a certain role and then just before you're sent into game change their summoners - AFK / troll in game And when you ask them why they say "for the gilet jaunes". Could RIOT please look into this, I don't really know how you look at champ select in terms of people needing to be reported but something needs to change. I've queued 4 games today and had to dodge 3 of them, the one I played there was one of these trolls on my team (who picked Trist jungle and then switched his smite to ignite last minute and then said he was going mid) and another on their team (who I had dodged before and picked volibear with heal and smite and then went afk for the rest of the game unless it was to run down mid).
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