Months have passed and I'm still not able to get rewards (Hextech Chest , Hextech Key).

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Hello dear Riot employees & League Of Legends Players. **I want to talk about my account** , I've been banned/punished for being toxic or something like that...I'm improving to be a better player , I've actualy stopped to flame and stopped to be toxic. I just want to talk about the next thing , **I've been unbanned in November-October (can't remember very well) and now in January 5th I'm still not able to get rewards or anything like Hextech Keys or Hextech Chests**...People have been honoring me for being a better player I can prove since Riot restored my honour statistics to 0 and started from it (0)...**I just want to know when I'll be able to get my rewards back...Because I can prove that I'm a better player, I can prove people honored me and I can prove that I'm not toxic anymore.** Please Riot employees , I hope you read this message and give me an answer as soon as possible...(Sorry for my bad English , I'm still improving). **Have a nice day.** -Undeadfool.
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