When can u guys grow up?

I mean, last game i played mid roll with annie against a diana. However mid isnt my best roll, i was doing a hard laning phase against a super aggresive diana. Here comes the shit. enemy jungle heca is ganking me, fine i escaped and flash out, then follow the diana solo killed me. fine my jungle nidalee is too busy on taking blue buff, i was dead sure buff is hers. when i back to the lane, the enemy sup bard is mid, simply ulti me in and follow a slow, another kill for diana. bot river is full blind, and my sup alistar did nothing but give a ss sign. i was complaining about this, he dosent say a shit. ok carry on, bard mid again, same shit, no vision, no idea where bard comes from, another kill for diana, and another blue buff taken by nidalee. i m explosive now. i said," i wont play it again, u guys dont even want fking win this game. i m facing not just their jungler ganking on me, but also a fking sup, my jungle never do a vision for me, neither helped, i putted my pink since min 5, and sup dosent do a shit about this, i mean at least u make a fking bot river vision for me?" yeah, u guys can only see my trash talking and toxic, but u never see the fking reason behind, why the hell am i afk? u realize that? who is really the fking negative attitude player here? I mean, by doing such shit to fk your other lane up, isnt enough to be considered as a fking negative attitude? u guys really want win this shit? no u dont, u simply only care about your own lane, selfish players.

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