Why are people in this game so ridiculously rude? I understand that people want to win but where does coming across as an arrogant douche actually achieve anything? If you absolutely crush another team, then just be gracious in defeat, do go "GG, EZ, I'm awesome" or any of that self-absorbing crap because it just makes you come off like you have a small penis or something. These offenses are completely reportable under the Summoner's Code and yet MOST people in this game seem to act like that (usually its the big carries like {{champion:157}} or {{champion:92}}, ADC's are also have a reputation for this). What do you want? "Yes! You are truely the master of four button combos, {{champion:92}}! I salute you on your ability to chuck way too much time into a hobby!" I mean, people's behavior on here, mares on narcissistic. I am from the United Kingdom and I was taught in my country to respect other players and be gracious in both victory and defeat. But its like an alien world on here... its like people deliberately want to get you banned because they just rile you up so much with an arrogant attitude in the post-game lobby or in game. The problem is, it is even rubbing off on my son when I see him play this game and he is just an angry and abusive as the other countries in this game. Its pretty disturbing to be honest. Why do people need to behave this way. I do not wish to sound prejudice in any way but is this not something that they teach in Europe? Surely winning is not as important as HOW you win. ((My son is the original owner of the account, I am posting as a concerned parent pleading with the rest of the community))
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