the climb is dark and full of terrors

Hello there fellow climbers! I'm a long time league of legends player and I have played quite casually most of my days. Some time ago I got interested in ranked and I was gold last season. After playing the placements this season I ended up in bronze 2 after the most horrible set of placement games I have ever encountered. Long story short, I have climbed very slowly and very steadily up to silver 4 by now. In bronze I encountered the most peculiar sort of people and they have indeed succeeded to bring me down to their level on multiple occasions. In silver bracket things don't seem to improve: In the screenshot is a typical game where the entire team keeps raging all game long and I decide to mute my fellow teammates who constantly keep insulting and harassing (not just me, but every single person in the team). But when we are done losing the game, I have to still endure what seems to be the latest cool thing to do, threats of isis? {{champion:56}} Well most likely this is just a younger person who doesn't understand the severity of his joke. The way up is harsh and full of social interactions I wouldn't mind skipping in a game which I like only for the gameplay. I wish you all a better 2017 with league of ragers and try to keep it cool! I will do my best to heed my own words as well. Best regards, sushi
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