Do you wanna know why people flame?

Hi, first of all my main language is not English but hope you guys understand me. Imagine a guy '' the flamer'' builds a sand castle and a person '' regular guy'' steps on it and says sorry and walks away. The flamer is pissed off because he destroyed for that hard worked castle With this example i mean that flamers work very hard to win games, but for regular people its just a game for them. They just play champions in ranked that they never played before, starts feeding doesnt care about winning, trys to have fun and ofcourse the guy who built the sandcastle is mad because he played that game well and starts flaming them. A guy was playing moakai and fed top, ok thats normal but he said nobody didnt help him and said that he will troll this game, he pushed toplane and died everytime, builds stupid build on it and he is very useless in teamfights. Sadly if you ask reports for this guy, you will be reported for ''flaming'' and not that guy who ruins the game for 4 people. In my opinion i think toxic and flamers are different people, i explained how flamers are, but toxic people gets mad after 1 missplay, they start trolling, using bad words and ragequits. Sadly im the part of the flamers, i just try to win games and get higher thats my goal but if people dont play their main champions and try new things out then you will get mad. Hope you guys understand me, please understand and dont hate me for this :(
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