Dear Riot...

Dear Riot, I am quite sure many have pointed this issue earlier, but somehow nothing is being done about it, so here it comes again, I guess? As you might know, or rather as you surely know, your game is based on a 5 man team facing against each other on a map to destroy the enemy base. Simple rules and overall enjoyable experience. But... I've been playing this game for years now, I won't give exact number, as I don't remember to be honest. But years. And for those years there is a constant issue that is troubling me with your game. That being players going afk during games. You sure created the "remake" option as a partial answer to the problem, but it's tailored for players who fail to connect to the game. It's a good tool, very useful for those few instances when you can actually qualify to use it. Since it was released, I believe I was able to remake a ranked game perhaps twice. Yet here I am... Looking at my last games played... Not being too picky, let's go last 10. So... From the oldest we go: 10. Won - enemy adc afk in the late game; ragequit; her team forced to play 4v5; unfair; 9. Won - enemy support afk quite a bit in the midgame, we were told that due to extensive chat flame; forced to play 4v5; unfair; 8. Won - friendly adc afk due to flaming going between jungler and him; enemy top afk quite a bit as well; 4v5; 7. Lost - afk on both adcs; finished 4v5; 6. Lost - friendly adc intentionally going to feed the enemy team "because noob Yasuo will not win"; 4v5; 5. Lost - top afk after she died 4 times, ragequit; adc afk after she died 6 times, ragequit as well; forced to play 3v5; 4. Lost - mid intentionally feeding the enemy team; flaming; afk in the end of the game after failed /ff vote; 4v5; 3. Won - enemy mid afk the entire game; 4v5; 2. Lost - friendly top afk after he went 0/5/0; returned after we refused to surrender; most of the game 4v5; 1. Lost - friendly mid afk most of the game; appeared in a couple of fights only, yet we were 4v5 for most of the game; So uhh... What's being done about players going AFK during PvP games? Right now ranked system is a joke, because it's a RNG of who get's the AFK player. Please address this issue, as it's insanely annoying and kills the whole entertainment part of the game.
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