Summoners, Ask yourselves, Should you play ranked?

Do you get flamed often? Do you feel like ranked is a toxic place where everyone flames you?? well, good chance is, you deserve that flame, and maybe its time to solve it by not playing ranked _To anyone who thinks that this is simply a post to witchhunt players with bad score, no. Everyone has bad score sometimes. This is a post addressed to those, who say "lol its just game" "i play for fun" "idk, i dont play seriously" but they still queue up for ranked, and their "i dont care" attitude affects their gameplay to a big extend_ **Ranked Games**, its a game type, where every win matters. People (im talking the real players now) play ranked to win, ONLY to win, not to have fun, not to enjoy, not to chillax, to win, because LP, nothing else than LP, that is the only thing that matters, and you should do anything to get it. If you go 0/8 on lane and say "lol its only game", you dont belong on ranked. You have to realize, each time you suck, and cost someone a free win, that person has to win another game just to get to the same spot he was just in, and then win another one to get ahead, meaning he has to waste another Hour/Hour and half (implying that he actually wins those 2) just becuase of you and your "i dont care if i win or lose" attitude that doesnt belong on ranked. So long story short, you just costed that person about 2 hours of his life. And to top it off, you delusions make you feel like the victim there becuase he might have flamed you for it. There is a game mode called **Blind pick**, and also **Draft Pick**, which simulates ranked, with one exception, you dont cost other people their LP. In these modes, winning and losing doesnt matter, so if you just play for fun and dont care that you are an abysmal joke of a player, why do you go on ranked, and ruin peoples effort to climb? Sure, you will encounter flamers there too at some point, but there you can genuinelly say, stop flame and mean it. But on ranked, only one thing matters, gameplay. No matter how toxic, how rude, or how something someone is, if he hardcarries your game, you worship him like a god, instead of having the nerve to call him out for his flame or taking all buffs, or whatever you think, when he is 22/1 carrying you trashcans towards a win Simply said, look at yourself. **The game is the same on Draft, and on Ranked, For you! for those who play only and solely for winning, its not.** Losing means much more to them, and you are intentionally robbing them of their time, effort, and everything. Think about that everytime you are 2/8 and you drag your 15/2 top or jungler down with you. To me this seems like the most toxic thing to do, Riot doesnt agree so its not punishable to actively ruin games, the only thing that will get you banned is talking shit, so, put your own effort in, look at yourself, and ask yourself: Do i belong on ranked? is my goal reaching challanger? or am i just a casual 4fun player? Do i really not feel bad for ruining the game for others who take it seriously? Could it be that its not my junglers fault i lost lane? and then think twice before queueing up for the right mode

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