Just had one of those days where you just give up.

Edit: Sorry if my post is a bit messy. I just had one of those days where I seriously can't take life seriously. My parents hate me cause my sister brings up a lie that, I broke the sink which made me unable to get food today. Obviously it was my sister.. cause everyone in my family knows I barely go out of my room ever. Then I have one of those games where I gain someone who is purposely afk (Not dc) as adc when I play support.. Just sitting in spawn, moving ever so often to avoid afk punishment and just make life hell. The sad part is that I was hard carrying the game as {{champion:53}} support, won my lane 2vs1 and ended up 5/2/3 as score when I started roaming mid which got us additional kills, sadly it all ended up a lose cause 1 support can't solo carry a 4vs5 game. The next game me and my friend were like "It can't get worse than this" status. Where we ended up with an {{champion:268}} who died 8 times within 10 min, at first it just looked like he was having a bad game, but then when I started roaming mid, he was just afk below turret barely moving or trying to help out. After I left mid, {{champion:268}} died another time and our {{champion:75}} flamed me, out of nowhere. I had pretty horrible score (I think 1/4/0) but compared to {{champion:268}} it was nothing to be compared of. So I just thought he was joking around. Remember I nor my friend even touched the chat this game, cause we learned from past mistakes of flame. That game we lost with an {{champion:268}} with the score of 2/15/0 at 22 min, a {{champion:75}} with the score of 0/0/0, pretty much counted as another afk and a {{champion:67}} with 2/6/1. My score was pretty horrible, but not as bad since I was the support and pretty much the only one trying to do something. My friend was super tilted, even if his score was fine, knowing how bad today's games went he just gave up after we didn't surr at the 20 min mark. I hope 2018 will be a better year. Happy New year everyone! {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}

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