Why gifting is even allowed on level 10 or 15 ?!

Many players have multipale accounts and unfortunetly, i am one of them _(Stopped using them)_. The reason i created more accounts not to smurf, just to send myself a free skin with the free RP gained on level 5 which i saw many players suggesting this method _(also all of my friends)_. ###### I feel bad for doing it and i wish everybody just stop it. This thing is hugely abused _(or what i believe)_ and it effects new players experience. ______________________ **"Where are you going with this?"** I want to end this _making account for free gift_. As we all know, players are able to send gifts on level 10 _(although, some gifts requires level 15)_. Well, imagine yourself a new player espicially at this time of league of legends. - You are new to the game. - You have no idea what is this or that. - You have over 120 champion to choose from and master. - You still have no idea what to buy in game except randomly choosing any item that his icon looks cool and buy it. - You need to learn Runes, masteries, keystones, summoner spells, wards........ etc The list goes on and on..... **Why gifting is allowed on level 10?!** I am sure the player have no idea what is gifting or what is a skin. People reach level 30 and still have no idea to many things _(My friends for example......Oh, and some bronzies still have no idea what is wards)_, so it's useless option for new players _(I guess)_. I don't think any new player reached the ability to goft others ever knew about it or used it. This have to stop! **"You can't remove the gift option, dude _WTF_......"** Not what i meant. Gifting option should me for higher level players like level maybe 20 or 25 maybe 30 but probably too high. So players who make new accounts to reach this level would take them longer time so they will get bored and won't continue unless he want a skin so bad! Please, this question is for you. **When did you use gifting option for the first time?** For me, i used it after 1.5 years of playing. Thank you for reading all. Happy new year.

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