Do not play this game until January if you actually try to play this game to get better!

So I have been playing some solo queue after the season ended. Sadly i only peaked at plat 1 50 LP. Even tho i wanted to reach diamond this year, but whatever thats besides the point. I have my daily routine of playing a few games after college, since i have alot of time, i tend to play sometimes up to 10 games a day. And the last 2 days have been hell for me. People just do not fu*king care about this game. Not in general but in just trying to win. Maybe i am just the most unlucky bastard alive. But people just dont want to do their best anymore compared to last week. Literally i had a 10 game winstreak the other day and just because i actually had awesome teammates who sometimes even carried me. But now that the season is over people dont care. I have had my most recent game and i was doing fine as usual, but i had a feeding bot lane wich isnt good but its definetly not a loss. In my oppinion the max amount of times you can die in laning phase is 5 times and for bot it would be 6 times, so 3 deaths for both the adc and the support. Because if you get unlucky the enemy adc has 6 kills and more likely the 1st tier bot tower. But that is actually manageable. I have had plenty of games like that last week and i dont blame the guys. I feed my candy ass of every now and then aswell. But here is the twist to the story. This bot lane didnt go 0/3 each player not 0/4 not 0/5 BUT 0/16 and 0/12 WITHIN 20 MINUTES! See we are talking about high platinum here okay. so the people actually know what the %%%% they are doing. I wasnt flaming because i am not that type of guy even tho i am sure ill get banned soon for talking too much. But i actually was annoyed and asked these kids why they werent just trying to play the game and somehow comeback BEFORE dying almost 30 times. Guess what their reaction was "I dont care its preseason" But why play then? You dont play for fun, how is this fun? You dont play to get good, you die without trying to prevent it. And i have had multiple games like that on different accounts. This was just the most extreme game i got lucky to play. I am going to play less in preseason, just so i can not be out of shape since i am sure ill reach masters on this account next season. But if there is anyone out here that actually wants to win games and expects their team to also think so, then you are wrong and you can prepare yourself for the most annoying games ever. I will quit ranked soloq in preseason entirely and I advise you to do so also. Maybe i am the most unlucky guy on the server that gets 7 "troll" games out of 10 the day after the season ends but most of the time my ingame experience is also the experience of others. So please let me know if you have also encountered this phenomenon already. Let me know what you think about people just not giving a %%%% in a gamemode where you should be.
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