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Hello fellow summoners. I am not sure if this is the correct section to post it, I don't see any " Suggestions " or " Feedback " here so let's begin. I am sure you are all are frustrated with the feeders and trollers. I want to suggest a solution that many of you will find it logical and hmmm " a must ". When I was playing Dota back in 2010 I start dealing with the forum of a specific platform and noticed they had a " Ban Requests " sub-forum. Players were reporting other players for intentionally feeding in their games or trolling in any kind of form. This helped a lot to keep the in-game bad behavior, asside from toxicity, in a minimum number. They had some volunteers from their Team to check an ban those players and that had great impact in the platform. I really liked playing my favorite game back then becauseI knew for sure like 1000% that if someone in my or enemy's team feeds or trolls will get banned for it in a matter of 1-2 days depending on te amount of reports Admins had to deal with. It's very encouraging to know that feeders/trollers are getting banned so easily and trust me, I've been handling reports of that type for years, it works! The community will get so much better if you Riot decide to create something like that and put volunteers either from your Team or players with clean history. It was my hobby when I was Admin in one of those platforms to check and punish guys who were ruinning other players games. I kindly suggest you think about it very much. I am 1000% sure once you do it in a matter of months the little feeders and trollers will think twice before they run down on mid or pick something like Lee-Sin Support on purpose because they got auto-filled. I want to keep it small & simple, won't go into further details because I am not optimistic about Riot's volition...They are soo focused on keeping the game toxic-free but this is not going to happen. No one has ever achieved it and never will, it can be reduced to a medium number, but not as feeding and trolling will if you start this campaign. What do you guys think? I think it's the best way of reducing the feeding and trolling in our games. I would like to see a response from a Riot employee, but not stating facts we already know. I want a personal opinion from the guy who works with the company. Thank you for your time and sorry for the big ( in the end ) post. Peace.
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