Well this was a first, can't believe people do that on purpose...

I was in a lane as Quinn adc and we had Janna support. I got hooked by the enemy Thresh and ended up dying to him and Ezreal at level 1, they had good burst since Thresh had bonus AD runes and so on. And after that death, Janna started calling me bad as %%%% and boosted for the remineder of the game. But okay, I can ignore that, that doesn't really bother me. But after that death, she purposely started preventing me from getting last hits on minions. Like, she was using all her skills in order to prevent me from getting cs, for the whole game, anytime I was trying to farm, she came after me and tried her best to disrupt my farming. It wasn't even that she wanted to steal cs, she solely wanted to prevent me from getting it. That was a first for me and I felt powerless against it. I can't believe people actually go that low to try and ruin your game. P.S.: We did win, but I'm still stressed out because of that, like wtf?!
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