A misunderstanding between low and "high" elo.

I start this topic to explain why a silver player can shi.t on plat or even diamond (low dia) players on lane. The game inst necessarily about mechanical skills. Quite a bit of "high elo" players are there because they have better macro skills than you. It's a lot more important, also a lot less fun than just going on a rampage with an assassin. Macro skill is how you react to certain situations on the map, which contains: -Following the jungler, predicting where he is ganking next. A diamond+ player is completely safe on lane in lower elos without wards if he is good enough to predict the jungler. -Less idle time, for example even if you are zoned out, you go and do something useful, like getting gromps, or anything. -Knowing when and how to do objectives. -etc. Of course mechanical skill is important too, but the game isnt only about flashy plays, it's also a boring chess which requires a lot of attention. Sorry for my english btw.
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