The community these days has moved beyond that of a game. Sure flaming is bad. But people these days are using the report button at the flip of a switch. You can't even say "rekt" without "reported". Guyz plz. Learn to be a bit tolerable, even to flamers. I say this after witnessing a fed adc about to ragequit, met calmly by my team, who co operated with him and we won. Why? Because we knew he was frustrated at the things we ourselves had done wrong. Instead of saying " reported, noob, kid, " we admitted our mistakes, tried to take on his point of view and didn't report him. Because honestly, we know we aren't noobs, bronze or wood 5. We weren't offended because after all, in this internet age we need to be tolerable. To minor things ofc. If he started to be racist then thats different,
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