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Game 1 FaytalityHD: zed got bad mastery too FaytalityHD: we outscale them easily so we dont have to risk losing early by doing stupid fights FaytalityHD: yea FaytalityHD: flash alpha 1 for 1 not worht FaytalityHD: i could only have gotten gragas there FaytalityHD: stupid champ FaytalityHD: 2 targeted knockbacks FaytalityHD: irelia cn 1 shot all of us FaytalityHD: okay ff FaytalityHD: again unnecessary feed lost game FaytalityHD: skillshots? FaytalityHD: whereas you got negative impact FaytalityHD: irelia is what ruined the game FaytalityHD: just report gp FaytalityHD: every game is like this FaytalityHD: you lost the game dont blame others FaytalityHD: why do you pick gp FaytalityHD: azir too FaytalityHD: i told you not to pick those kind of champs FaytalityHD: yeah FaytalityHD: youll get the reports youve worked for all game FaytalityHD: dw FaytalityHD: 0 2 azir FaytalityHD: y but yours doesnt matter FaytalityHD: report him everyone FaytalityHD: cant even acknowledge the fact he lost the entire game FaytalityHD: verbal abuse ha FaytalityHD: you cant simply feed a non skillshot champ this hard FaytalityHD: its not just top FaytalityHD: look mid FaytalityHD: i told him not do FaytalityHD: because this is what happens every time FaytalityHD: azir should be disabled for plats yeah FaytalityHD: report both FaytalityHD: rly bg Game 2 FaytalityHD: and yi suurely is no guaranteed win zzz FaytalityHD: y sure FaytalityHD: ahri no ult come kill her now FaytalityHD: i got FaytalityHD: hitbox? FaytalityHD: y we lost FaytalityHD: told you to pick shyv FaytalityHD: she already outsclaed yu FaytalityHD: great FaytalityHD: hes completely unstoppable FaytalityHD: i trade 1v1 FaytalityHD: and? FaytalityHD: you lose game after FaytalityHD: y no idea how he won top tb FaytalityHD: but he is FaytalityHD: ah FaytalityHD: is this a 1v9 again FaytalityHD: i take bot FaytalityHD: srly FaytalityHD: i want jungle every game riot FaytalityHD: pls FaytalityHD: what kind of pick is morg top anyway FaytalityHD: ez building qss FaytalityHD: just ff pls FaytalityHD: do i deserve this FaytalityHD: see told you FaytalityHD: no ad and top FaytalityHD: just ff FaytalityHD: pls FaytalityHD: riot FaytalityHD: i dont deserve it FaytalityHD: you know it FaytalityHD: and yet every game i have to play is like this FaytalityHD: pls give me jungle youre not the reason we lost but i can carry more easily zz FaytalityHD: if ezreal was on my team hed be 10 0 why FaytalityHD: 0 10 FaytalityHD: * FaytalityHD: JUST FF FaytalityHD: can only play yi jungel ok ok FaytalityHD: so what can you play FaytalityHD: ???? FaytalityHD: just tell me FaytalityHD: why would ez be 0 10 if he were on my team FaytalityHD: instead of carrying FaytalityHD: and thats the reason i play yi FaytalityHD: every games like this FaytalityHD: zed does rely on team later on FaytalityHD: which i can not FaytalityHD: only devouer jugnler in d5 elo FaytalityHD: pls FaytalityHD: nothign else FaytalityHD: # FaytalityHD: sad game FaytalityHD: as always FaytalityHD: pls stop telling me i could only play yi FaytalityHD: its pathetic FaytalityHD: whereas you can FaytalityHD: play FaytalityHD: figure it out yourself Game 3 FaytalityHD: we outscale them too so pls dont lose this game early FaytalityHD: why do u do FaytalityHD: this FaytalityHD: no FaytalityHD: okay FaytalityHD: can we open mid FaytalityHD: look mid FaytalityHD: im so sick of this FaytalityHD: always me FaytalityHD: whos getting this FaytalityHD: no drophacked by lb FaytalityHD: aanivia why dont u fix your internet before playing FaytalityHD: ff FaytalityHD: i never get afkon enemy team or winning lane FaytalityHD: because her mid camped FaytalityHD: along with her cos of dc mid FaytalityHD: now trynda can take ove my top jungle gg FaytalityHD: this game is over i cant farm min 11 FaytalityHD: yeah FaytalityHD: becaue of your dc FaytalityHD: report anivia FaytalityHD: and top who fed trynda solo kill level 4 FaytalityHD: 3 FaytalityHD: top and mid lost game FaytalityHD: yeah FaytalityHD: open FaytalityHD: cant win with this team FaytalityHD: i told fiora to not feed 1v1 FaytalityHD: she did FaytalityHD: only thing she had to do FaytalityHD: was to not feed FaytalityHD: she did jst that FaytalityHD: won cos of better teammtes gg : FaytalityHD: why me FaytalityHD: are u serious FaytalityHD: why FaytalityHD: anivia afk FaytalityHD: and fiora lost game FaytalityHD: why me FaytalityHD: ashe? FaytalityHD: arent u able to tell me FaytalityHD: i didnt lose this FaytalityHD: braum i hope you know why we lost FaytalityHD: fiora didnt even get ganked FaytalityHD: she just lost FaytalityHD: no FaytalityHD: another one of those unwinnable games FaytalityHD: bg Is this really fair? I got HEAVILY offended in all 3 of these games by my teammates who were trying to put the blame on me... Those rants seem kinda ridiculous without context but every time my comments appear to be somewhat insulting its because of unreasonable flame I had to deal with before. And still I havent actually been offensive, if you were able to see their comments it would make a lot more sense. Do you expect me to stay completely calm after being offended by feeding teammates who simply cant acknowledge their bad decisions within those games? I know a lot of LoL players cant deal with criticism whatsoever but you need to be able to cope with that, not just in league. You have to be aware of the fact that "offensive" behavior similar to mine here can lead to players being permabanned too whereas all of those intentional feeders and obvious trollers dont have to face any kind of punishment!!!
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