Permabans - let me know your thought

So recently i got permanently suspended for lets say being toxic in a few games. But i dont see this as a just way to punish players? there has been no regard given the cause of people flaming others in game , for example in my case i lost a couple of games in a row because of unfortunate matchmaking and i had the worse teammates .. it was quite clear, and i lost my temper. Keep in mind there are 3 types of reports available for anyone after a game and the "flamers" usually get all 3 just for spite which dont necessary correspond to the broken code of conduct. The players who either leave the game or go AFK should be punished far more severely in my opinion , this is what im appealing for here. I dont want an unban despite the money ive thrown into skins on the account - I just want to make something clear here and hope this can spark some change in punishment system. Atleast before a permanent suspension let there be something resembling a trial where the guilty has a right to defend and explain him/herself ? I thought since you call this system the tribunal it would resemble some simple justice mechanics. Clearly one of the section the people up there in Riot are ignoring. Peace to everyone in the community and I apologise to everyone i ever offended in game :)
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