Im giving up the game laters u trollers and afkers and smurfs and toxic players.

The account in question is Kristabell, not awol420. Ok, the whole ranking system is rubbish now, the games are totally pointless for low elo players. Heres why, the lower elo's are full of trolls, afk'rs or smurfs. The game has gotten so rubbish that i have finaly given it up. My account is nearly fully unlocked just 4 champs left to unlock. I have a so many skins unlocked its a shame to feel like walking away. But i am so frustrated with trolls and such that i have had enough and i dont enjoy the game any more. Maybe out of ten game ill get a decent team. (im not talking a pro team, just a team that plays the game with some knowledge and not feeders, afkrs or a smurf who just dominates the game and makes it boring for the other 9 players) Also, this is what i have figured out, i could be w/l ratios are so messed up because when i started the game last season, i didnt know what i was doing. And i lost loads, i think most people do yea? so, when we do get a bit better because our w/l ratio's are so bad, we dont get rewared because our mmr is always going to be low. For me to fix this problem I need to win something like 55 games in a row, or something really crazyly impossible to do for a player of my skill lvl, i feel its hard to imporve because of the trolls, the AFKs or the smurfs. I get to bronze 4 and i am earning 8 points for a win, and -20 for a loss (or something like that) . I could open a new account and not make the same mistakes, but then ive wasted lots of money on this account for nothing and there is not a cat in hells chance i am going to do it all over again.. sorry, great game.. but it sucks big time. Im no pro, by the way. I am one of the 75% who suck at the game.. id say at best id probs be silver so it isnt even a ego problem. I know im not that good. I dont expect to be a master or challenger..ever.. but like i said. It feels like the game is just to frustrating due to trolls, afks and smurfs... oh and the junglers who sulk and refuse to come to your lane because they didnt ping and you didnt wear your mind reading cap at that moment they decided to tower dive gank) I dont have time to bang my head against a wall .. so for this reason, I bid farewell.. Big love to u all. And Goodbye.
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